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The Most Eclectic Art Gallery In East Texas

Our main gallery showcases the work of 25+ local artists and artisans who make one of a kind products that can't be found anywhere else. Our eclectic art gallery features jewelry, paintings, sculptures, furniture, crystals, art classes, and more. Tap the button below to explore each artists unique collection.

Welcome To The Edom Art House

The Edom Art House features local East Texas artists who hand make one of a kind items like furniture, paintings, sculptures, jewelry, clothes, and more. We host weekly art classes with various focuses in things like wood working, jewelry making, stained glass making, painting, drawing, crafting, and more! Check the schedule for the most up to date information.

We're proud to represent some of the finest handmade works of art from some of the best artists in East Texas. Each artist is hand selected and given an opportunity to showcase their work to the public. Many of the artists are established award winners and are displaying exclusive, one of a kind pieces, that can't be seen or purchased anywhere else except at the Edom Art House.

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Meet Justin Brown

Award-Winning Brand Strategist Justin Brown is the mastermind behind the Edom Art House, with a passion for supporting artists and a diverse background in branding and marketing, Brown has quickly made a name for himself as both a talented jewelry artist and a valuable resource for emerging artists.

“The Edom Art House is a place where artistry thrives and artists find the support they need to succeed,” said Brown. “We want to shatter the notion that artists must struggle to make a living, empowering them to leverage their creativity and reach wider audiences through effective branding and marketing strategies.”

Featuring an eclectic mix of art made from insects, wood, epoxy, crystals, animal bones, and more, Edom Art House stemmed from the closure of a popular local art gallery, leaving a void in the community for artists and tourism.

Beyond being an art gallery, Edom Art House also offers a wide range of art classes, including painting, jewelry making, perfume mixing, knitting, crafting, and more. Additionally, Brown is committed to helping artists develop their personal brands and teaches them how to harness the power of social media, storytelling, and ads to gain visibility for their unique artwork.

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A Room Full Of Natural stones

The Crystal Cave

If you love rocks, stones, and crystals you'll probably find something special in the crystal cave. This small room features some truly unique pieces of naturally formed rocks from various regions around the world.

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A space for large paintings and classes

The Second Gallery

This large room features some of the largest paintings at EAH and also provides room for our many classes.

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Affordable Art

The Gift Shop

People can find the one of a kind gifts and limited edition art at affordable prices in the gift shop.

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